It is with high commitment that we have prepared ourselves to restart because Bergamo’s way of saying is #molamia, that means “never give up”, and we have decided to deal with tenacity and responsibility the changes that COVID-19 makes necessary to restart the engines. We also find appropriate to enrich our mission, always aimed at welcoming and taking care of our guests, with the healthcare of all of us, Guests and Staff. In consideration of that we have reorganized and boosted some of our services, that we share here in order that our Gusts and our Staff can feel safe and relaxed during their stay in our hotel.


  • - We will measure body temperature at the entrance and in the event of a Guest with a body temperature above 37.5, precautionary measures will be taken to ensure everyone's health by exploiting the flexibility of the structure to better meet everyone's needs
  • - Surgical masks, latex gloves and disinfectant gel are available to all Guests


Cleaning has always been very important for us and we have decided to enhanced the following services through the use of more specific and effective products to prevent the virus:

  • - Rooms and bathrooms are disinfected every day and are sanitized after departure of each Guest
  • - Common areas are disinfected two times per day
  • - Workstations are disinfected at every shift change
  • - SPA and fitness room are sanitized every day
  • - Heating and air conditioning systems treat sanitized air and have been equipped with additional specific anti-particulate filters to ensure the best air quality that we all breath


  • - In the Reception the minimum safety distance of one meter is indicated on the ground, Guests and Staff are kindly requested to respect it
  • - Restaurant service from La Delizia can be enjoyed in the room with our room service or directly in the restaurant upon reservation, our staff will welcome you and make sure your accommodation at the table respects current regulation
  • - Private SPA and private fitness room are available upon reservation in order to guarantee the new social distancing standards

These are extraordinary times. We look forward to welcome you with our usual hospitality and extra care.

I'm with you

Lidia Spajani

CEO Arli s.r.l.

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